About Us / History

In the 1970’s when the 2nd generation of Roche Brothers had sons of their own, the three young cousins worked after school, on weekends and all summer long with their fathers at Roche Brothers Inc. They remember learning to drive before most people learn how to ride a bike. They spent summers irrigating at 2am on the weekends so their Dads could sleep in a bit longer before heading out to the orchards to spray all day. Growing up as 3rd generation farmers, the young cousins where taught the right way to do things and were always reminded that any job worth doing was always worth doing right. For them, their jobs have turned into something truly special.

As they matured and grew up, so did their dreams and plans for Roche Brothers Inc. They learned how to plant Almonds, irrigate on all types of soils, and mastered harvesting while running the huller/sheller. Along the way, the 4th generation was born and became involved in the family business. Excited about the next generation joining in, it was decided to take things to the next level. In the summer of 2009, the three cousins decided to start a new business and called it Roche Brothers International Family Nut Co. The goal was to export quality almonds to customers around the world. Without looking back, they started building. Proud of the new business, they started sharing their ideas with a few of their customers. The customers were thrilled to be a part of these ideas and in a short time, the company flourished. Today, the Roche Family successfully runs both Companies and continues to thrive.

Mission Statement

Roche Brothers International Family Nut Co. is dedicated to their customers and employees. At Roche Brothers International, our goals are to continue the family values with hard work, high quality, and never losing sight of the first generation’s vision and values. By remembering the hard work of our Father’s, we open the doors for generations to come.